Sunday, October 23, 2016

With the squirrels & birds.


We buried Flannery today out at my folks' house, which was sad...but kind of cathartic, too. She's near the house, back amongst the trees she spent the majority of her life watching from her window perch (she sat in the one behind the clotheslines practically 24/7). The squirrels, foxes, deer and birds she loved to watch will continue to run & fly around the spring, maybe we'll plant a tree above her to keep them even closer.

Being that they live in the woods, my dad wanted to be sure that nothing disturbs her...hence, the heavy metal "high voltage" door covering her resting place. Given how many hours Flannery spent hiding in her lifetime, this seems fitting in a way, and I like to think she would've had a sense of humor about it.

And being that we're Midwestern, afterwards my mom said we had to have a funeral dinner. We had two of Flannery's favorites - chicken & mashed potatoes - and we shared a little with Toivo, too.

Thank you to everyone for their kind words over the past few days...your sweetness has been appreciated so very much. I know many of you have been through this before, and your gentle words and understanding have been enormously helpful. Thank you for not making me feel silly for being so sad about a cat.

Wherever she is, Flannery's okay. I'll be okay, too. My house is a little quieter and lonelier without her, but it probably won't stay that way for too long.

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