Sunday, September 21, 2014

Police blotter.

Sunday, 2:17 P.M.: Caller dialed 911 and wanted to make a doctor's appointment. Dispatch explained that 911 does not schedule doctor's appointments.

Monday, 2:35 P.M.: Caller reports another driver is “generally being bad at driving.”

Tuesday, 7:26 P.M.:  Report that neighbor is burning something stinky again.

Thursday, 4:47 P.M.: Man called 911, telling dispatch information about his Publisher’s Clearinghouse entry that had a deadline on that day. When asked what his emergency was, he told dispatch the ID# for his entry and that he doesn’t have a phone and was calling from AmericInn. When asked if he was trying to call Publisher’s Clearinghouse, he told dispatch he was at home and gave a phone number. When dispatch attempted to call that number, it went to a fax machine. Update: wife arrived at AmericInn to pick up caller.

Friday: Surveillance stated that people were reporting lots of smoke around Legendary Waters Casino. EMS and fire department standing by until smoke can be located. Fire chief reported he could see smoke from the casino and would send units. Update: fire chief reported that the smoke was coming from a campfire at the campground next to the casino.

Saturday, 5:03 A.M.: Caller says neighbor is wandering around outside of his apartment without pants on. He says there is an electrical issue with his door. Update: there is not, he locked himself out.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Oh so many hashtags.

They'll never stop.







Monday, September 01, 2014

Police blotter.

Sunday, 9:43 A.M.: Caller reports male passed out on a park bench at the “music dome” (aka the band shell).  Unable to rouse.  Update: officer spoke with subject, who'd had a night on the town and was sleeping it off.

Monday, 9:35 P.M.:  Caller said “he seen a male and female fighting in the middle of the street.”  Only other info he could provide was that one was wearing a skirt.

Tuesday, 4:18 P.M.: 911 open air call, could hear a female talking loudly about celery and apples.

Tuesday, 5:58 P.M.: Caller states that yesterday, her neighbor hit some skunks with a tiller.  He placed the skunks in a bucket and left the bucket in the backyard.

Wednesday, 8:15 P.M.: Caller wishes to speak with an officer, requests they meet her at McDonald’s; she’ll be “the one in the Batman shirt and capris.”

Thursday, 9:15 P.M.: Caller’s ex-wife is inviting him to play games on Facebook. Has a valid restraining order against her. Officer advised caller to either block his ex-wife on Facebook, or to get rid of his account.  Caller refuses to do either.

Friday, 1:04 P.M.:  Report of a break-in; caller noticed about forty CDs and a live chicken are missing.

Saturday, 12:07 P.M.: Caller reports that a residence in his neighborhood is having a yard sale, and people are parking on the wrong side of the street.

Saturday, 1:01 P.M.: Caller stated that while she was out cleaning around some dumpsters, she found a large black duffel bag and is afraid to open it because she doesn’t know what could be in it, “possibly a body.” Update: officers opened the bag and found men’s underwear and socks. Update: bag’s owner located, male stated he had argued with his girlfriend and when he left the residence, he’d stashed his belongings by the dumpsters.