Thursday, May 29, 2014

Set them free!

During my formative years, I drove a garden-hose green '78 Oldsmobile.  (I've talked about it before.)  It wasn't quite conspicuous enough on its own, so I started accumulating rubber ducks in the rear window.

It got out of hand.

Eventually, I moved on to Bessy, the Oldsmobile got passed down to my brother Nick, and the ducks got put away. 

Cut to a few weeks ago:  I was cleaning out some big old Rubbermaid bins that have followed me around since I was in college, when I pulled out...a big bag full of rubber ducks that I'd forgotten I had.

I immediately thought of my friend Nick, and how when we were in high school and college, he was always joking and telling me to "set them free!"  Well, Nick grew up and now he's an ornithologist...and this month was the Great Wisconsin Birdathon, so I knew he'd be out counting...

It seemed like a good time to finally set them free.  On his front porch.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Y'know, if "remodeling" = "tearing down the entire building."

Amnicon Falls.

One of the best things about making new friends, especially new friends who are new to the area, is that they want to do new stuff.  And new friends wanting to do new stuff is a great excuse to go out and see stuff that you've lived near for almost your entire life, but have never gotten around to seeing. 

Hence, my first trip to Amnicon Falls. Even though it's been just down the road from me for forever.



(I stole some pictures from David.  Thanks, David!)

14 in 2014: #7.

Behold - the Easter Beast!

Okay, he looks a lot like the monster bunny...but his face is different.  And he has horns.  So I'm counting this as new.

Cross bitching.

My friend David turned thirty at the end of April, and it seemed like as good a time as any to reveal that crocheting isn't the only grandma hobby I've picked up over the years.


Police blotter.

Sunday, 7:18 P.M.: Caller states that driver was driving erratically and came around the corner and got stuck in the snow.

Tuesday, 10:23 A.M.: Elevator call button pushed at Vaughn Library. Update: bunch of adults apologized because they decided to let their children push a bunch of random buttons, no emergency.

Tuesday, 6:33 P.M.: Caller reports his neighbor and her child kicked a ball at his solar lights, keep knocking them down and broke a few. Caller is upset as he is just trying to make his yard look nice.

Thursday, 2:09 A.M.: Bartender at the Stagecoach reports hearing a loud crashing sound of breaking glass outside, nothing observed. Update: advised that light pole had fallen over.

Saturday, 3:25 P.M.: ShopKo manager reported there will be a scarecrow placed on the roof of the store to scare away seagulls. Wanted to inform the PD in case anyone reports someone on the roof.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's making me happy this week.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Police blotter.

Monday, 8:37 P.M.: Caller requests officer assistance in getting their lawn chair back.  Caller says their neighbor took their lawn chair.  It's brown plastic, with a big crack in the back. Update: officer retrieved broken lawn chair.

Wednesday, 1:33 A.M.: Caller requested an officer respond to Subway. Caller said when she drove by, the dining area lights were on and "they are usually off by this time." Update: officer advised that Subway closes at 2:00 A.M. and an employee is sweeping the floor.

Wednesday, 12:41 P.M.: Traffic control requested while a car is removed from the snowmobile trail.

Thursday, 5:01 P.M.: Male shoplifter at Walmart tried to take headphones and "hair goop."

Saturday, 1:17 P.M.: Ex-tenant is calling landlord and swearing, using the "F" word.

Sunday, 2:02 P.M.: Belligerent 911 caller would not answer dispatcher's questions, then said "You are not doing your job, there should be cops here -- oh wait, I see a cop."

Friday, May 09, 2014

What's making me happy this week.

Courtesy of the AV Club: