Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's making me happy this week.

This has actually been making me happy for a while, but I've been a bad blogger lately so I'm just finally catching up.

Please, please, check out @_FloridaMan.  A sample of recent headlines:

Florida Man Goes on Breast Pump Robbing Spree

Florida Man Squawks, Claims He’s a Pterodactyl as Police Chase Him Through Legoland

Florida Man Breaks Into School While High, Steals Fruit Loops

Florida Man Caught Stealing Alcohol With Dog; Says He'd Just Broken Dog Out of "Jail"

Argument Over Women's Rights Ends With Florida Man Punching Rabbit

Florida Man Verbally Abuses Walmart Employees While Riding Around Store on Scooter

Florida Man Loses Job as Deputy After He Lets Drunk Friend Heckle Women Through Patrol Car's Loud Speaker

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