Thursday, May 29, 2014

Set them free!

During my formative years, I drove a garden-hose green '78 Oldsmobile.  (I've talked about it before.)  It wasn't quite conspicuous enough on its own, so I started accumulating rubber ducks in the rear window.

It got out of hand.

Eventually, I moved on to Bessy, the Oldsmobile got passed down to my brother Nick, and the ducks got put away. 

Cut to a few weeks ago:  I was cleaning out some big old Rubbermaid bins that have followed me around since I was in college, when I pulled out...a big bag full of rubber ducks that I'd forgotten I had.

I immediately thought of my friend Nick, and how when we were in high school and college, he was always joking and telling me to "set them free!"  Well, Nick grew up and now he's an ornithologist...and this month was the Great Wisconsin Birdathon, so I knew he'd be out counting...

It seemed like a good time to finally set them free.  On his front porch.

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