Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Police blotter.

Sunday, 7:18 P.M.: Caller states that driver was driving erratically and came around the corner and got stuck in the snow.

Tuesday, 10:23 A.M.: Elevator call button pushed at Vaughn Library. Update: bunch of adults apologized because they decided to let their children push a bunch of random buttons, no emergency.

Tuesday, 6:33 P.M.: Caller reports his neighbor and her child kicked a ball at his solar lights, keep knocking them down and broke a few. Caller is upset as he is just trying to make his yard look nice.

Thursday, 2:09 A.M.: Bartender at the Stagecoach reports hearing a loud crashing sound of breaking glass outside, nothing observed. Update: advised that light pole had fallen over.

Saturday, 3:25 P.M.: ShopKo manager reported there will be a scarecrow placed on the roof of the store to scare away seagulls. Wanted to inform the PD in case anyone reports someone on the roof.

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