Monday, April 21, 2014

Police blotter.

Sunday, 3:45 P.M.: Caller advised that an unknown person in a purple pickup truck with a snowmobile called him the "f-word" and had snow covering the license plate. Dispatch advised that the police do not search out people for swearing.

Monday, 3:33 P.M.: Caller reports that her neighbors' dogs (black and yellow labs) are running loose and defecating in everyone's yards.

Monday, 4:36 P.M.: Concerned caller reports two vehicles stuck in snowbank and advised that he thinks they're "drunk and stupid."

Tuesday, 5:30 P.M.: Passerby reports kids jumping off a roof from a house into the snow. Update: advised parent was taking pictures and kids were supervised.

Thursday, 11:32 A.M.: Front desk at the Super 8 reports a highly intoxicated male was naked in the hot tub. Caller told him he had to leave, but he yelled at the caller and went back to his room.

Saturday, 12:32 A.M.: Caller complains that another person is spreading rumors about her.

Saturday, 11:09 A.M.: Caller demands that an officer come to his residence so they can look at a snow pile that got put too close to his house.


Nan said...

Spring in the north country: it's mid-April and 4 out of 7 reports mention snow.

Mary said...

Well, to be fair, I'd saved up a few of these and wanted to use them up before winter finally ends...on the other hand, we do still have at least five feet of snow piled out in our front yard. haha