Monday, March 31, 2014


We've discussed my mother's Letters of Complaint in the past.  Well, she's at it again.

Recently, while enjoying a bag of kettle chips, she came upon a large nugget of salt in the bag.  (“Large” as in roughly-the-size-of-a-human-thumb.)  This displeased her greatly…though not enough to get her to stop eating the rest of the chips in the bag.   She carefully preserved the salt nugget, wrapped it in bubble wrap, enclosed it in a bubble mailer along with her letter of complaint, and sent it off.

Fast-forward: one night, she handed me the attached, then proudly displayed the three coupons for free bags of chips that were also enclosed.  (“Each up to a retail value of $4.29!  That’s almost thirteen bucks!!”)

Two things that caught my eye:

1.  She has written so many letters of complaint to the chip company in question over the years that she's started forging them in the names of my brothers and using their addresses, so as not to draw scrutiny to her schemes.

2.  The P.S. about how salt works is a little passive aggressive.

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