Sunday, March 09, 2014

Police blotter.

Sunday, 11:07 P.M.: Caller wanted to report damage done to her window. The suspect is a cat. Unknown direction of travel.

Monday, 10:53 A.M.: Caller said he hired someone to clean his residence two weeks ago and a bunch of things are missing now, including his slow cooker, knife collection, and false teeth.

Monday, 3:51 P.M.: Caller reports their carbon dioxide alarm is going off, but he feels fine so he'll stay put.

Tuesday, 7:27 P.M.: Caller returned home after being gone for five days and there is a giant ice boulder plowed into his driveway. He can't break it apart and will park his car across the street for tonight.

Wednesday, 10:46 A.M.: Vehicle that attempted to pass a snow plow is now stuck in a snow bank.

Wednesday, 2:16 P.M.: Caller reports a male entered her yard on cross country skis, went around the back of her garage, stood in her driveway, then left.

Friday:  Received report that fire alarm was sounding from a cabin at Brickyard Creek. Spoke to the cabin renter who explained that he burned the steaks and the alarm went off, and he didn't know how to shut it off.

Saturday, 12:03 A.M.: Caller wanted daughter's boyfriend removed from residence because when she came home from work, she discovered that he had gotten drunk and decided to boil eggs; then he passed out and now there was tons of smoke from the burning eggs.


Nan said...

Two weeks after the fact the guy notices his teeth are missing?!

Mary said...

You can't make this stuff up. haha