Friday, February 28, 2014

The embrace of frosty doom.

It's been well-documented here that I live for danger.  So when my coworker/co-conspirator/compatriot David expressed interest in crossing the ice road to Madeline Island for the first time, I was all, "Sure, let's go!   Don't be scared, it's good, solid ice and they check it all the time, it'll be fiiiine."

(Apparently I've toughened up some since the last time I went across.)

So, last Saturday afternoon, off we went with David at the wheel, me riding shotgun (like a modern-day Sacajawea), and his husband & kiddo in the backseat.  Adventure! 

For a couple of southerners (if by "southerners" you mean "people from Appleton"), they're really acclimating quite nicely to our more laissez-faire embrace of frosty doom.

(P.S.  I totally stole some of these pictures from David.  Thanks, David!)

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