Friday, February 28, 2014

Have I mentioned what I got for Christmas yet?

Oh yes, it's real.  All too real.

My very funny sister-in-law Sarah works at Barnes & Noble and said the moment she spotted this on the shelf, "It screamed 'Mary'!"  Then she paused, laughed and said, "I mean your sense of humor, not that I think you're a crazy cat lady."  Whew.  I won't lie, that was a relief.

(You realize this means I'm going to have to make her some horrifying cat hair-esque ornament for her Christmas tree next year in retaliation, right?  I mean, it'd just be so much more thoughtful than a regular, boring old thank-you note...)


Nan said...

Did you read the reviews on Amazon?

Mary said...

Oh my god, they're great. haha