Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's making me happy this week.

Oredock demolition update.

March 17.

I haven't been down by the dock as much lately, but as you can see, the demolition crew's been working throughout the winter and they've made quite the dent.

I'd hoped to walk out on the ice at some point this winter toward the end of the dock, too, just to look at it from a different perspective before it's gone...but haven't gotten the chance yet.  And it's warming up now, so I might not get out there at all.  Why must time be so fleeting??

Happy Easter.

Easter, 1989.

Police blotter.

Monday, 2:59 P.M.:  911 call from a five year-old who just wanted to talk.  Was able to tell dispatch her phone number and what she was watching on TV.  Finally gave the phone over to the grandmother who stated that all was fine.

Wednesday, 1:09 P.M.: Recliner in middle of the road.  Looks to have fallen off the back of a truck.

Thursday, 9:53 A.M.:  Caller reports a female in a vehicle pulled into where Carlson's Building Supply parks their truck and let her dog out of the car, let it defecate on the property, then got back in her car with the dog and left.

Friday, 11:52 P.M.: Kids are riding electric carts in the parking lot.  Caller asked them to get off the carts and leave and they won’t.

Sunday, 12:25 P.M.: 
Caller reports lending her laptop to a friend who isn't returning her calls.  Caller further stated that she lent her clothes and hooker boots to another friend, who also refused to return them, and that that was illegal.

Sunday, 1:12 P.M.: Caller found a "wide" female chihuahua in their driveway. The dog is tan and "very well fed."

Monday, March 25, 2013

13 in 2013: Hooks, #3.

Monster!  Feet.


March 20.

For Elliot's 4th birthday!

Monster!  Close-up.


13 in 2013: Hooks, #2.

I figure I get to count this, even though I already tried it once, because the second attempt went much more smoothly.

March 9.

See, that's how the squares are supposed to go together.  (Although really, I liked the first attempt just fine, too.)

Friday, March 22, 2013

What's making me happy this week.

These might not be as funny taken out of context as they were during this week's episode: but hot damn, RuPaul's Drag Race is on fire this season. 

P.S.  I promise, I'll post something meatier than RuPaul clips and police blotters soon. New job is very good, but keeping me very busy.  And when I get home at night, my brain is very fried.  But I'm getting into the groove now and will be back at regular blogging strength shortly.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Police blotter.

Sunday, 11:40 P.M.:  Report that someone stole the landlord's shovel when leaving residence.  They asked for it back and he wouldn't give it to them.

Monday, 7:03 P.M.:  Caller reports a black lab that is harassing her, in a way. Caller said that her walk took twenty minutes longer than usual because the dog was following her.  The dog has a collar and is very friendly.

Tuesday, 3:57 P.M.:  Caller would like to speak with an officer in regard to illegal sale of homemade alcohol in the city of Ashland.

Thursday, 9:31 P.M.: Caller reports that his “baby momma” hit him in the head.

Friday, 1:23 P.M.: Caller states he is a mail carrier and while on his route, he heard a female screaming that she locked herself in her bathroom and is stuck in there.  She gave her address and requested help be sent.

Saturday, 10:59 A.M.:  911 open air call. Dispatch could hear female state "he says every time we have soup, he always finds a bone in it and he says I'm trying to kill him."  She then says "I told him if I was trying to kill him he would've been dead a long time ago." She then goes on to mention life insurance.  Update: on callback, female said her daughter must have had the phone.  Dispatch was still concerned due to the nature of the conversation in the background.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Police blotter: Halloween revisited.

Saturday, 1:42 P.M.:
Caller saw a man with a rope, not hanging by the neck. Update: dispatch advised caller it is a dummy. Update: officer checked the area...climber is still a dummy.

Police blotter: canine edition.

Tuesday, 2:01 P.M.:  Caller reports his neighbor's dog has defecated in his yard again.

Thursday, 11:37 A.M.:  Caller said she "seen a dog" on the road, picked it up and brought it home.

Friday, 5:30 A.M.:
  Stray dog outside barked "all night," but caller just now decided it was very disturbing.  Update: officer advised the caller's dog being on the porch was also contributing to the barking and the problem of the stray hanging around.

Saturday, 5:00 P.M.: 
Caller on 6th Street reports hearing a voice outside her window threatening her dog because it's German.

Saturday, 5:05 P.M.:  Caller wants to speak to an officer regarding dogs barking.  Wants to know why his neighbor can call when his dog barks but it's okay when the neighbor's dogs bark for hours on end.