Thursday, January 31, 2013

13 in 2013: Hooks, #1.

While I haven't completely lived-up to that resolution I made about procrastinating less this year, at least I'm making some headway on another on the list.  As part of my "13 in 2013" efforts on the crocheting front, here's the first thing I've made this year from a pattern I've never tried before.

Baby blanket.

And, as an added bonus, I get to cheat and try this pattern a second time...because this first attempt got a little mixed-up.  See, each of the four squares are supposed to be attached at 90-degree angles to each other, so there's a little fringe on each side of the blanket.  But somehow, I either read the pattern wrong, or something in the pattern itself wasn't clearly written, because mine didn't match up size-wise on the ends and I had to rearrange things.

Oh, well.  On to the next one.

(For labeling purposes:  my "13 in 2013" crocheting list will be "Hooks," and my "13 in 2013" reading list will be under "Books.  IT RHYMES!)

What's making me happy next week.

A week from today, it's finally October 19th!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's making me happy this week.

Gentlemen, start your engines.

It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite line from any given episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, but "I am Seattle's premier Jewish narcoleptic drag queen" takes the cake this week.

If only Project Runway were half this funny. 

(Also: the AV Club reviews are awesome, as always.)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Breaking news: winter is cold!

Ice Planet Hoth.
(Hoth...or Chequamegon Bay?)

This week the local TV news has been all
while those of us with cooler heads have been all, "Uh, it's January.  It's supposed to be cold."

January 21.

I mean, seriously.  They cancelled school the other day due to the cold.  Sure, it's cold -- it's below zero.  But it's January.  I repeat: it's supposed to be cold right now.  We have the most reliable cars and transportation that humankind has ever had; we have polar fleece and waterproof boots and other things our grandparents -- hell, our parents -- would have killed for when they were growing up.  And they cancel school because it's -20 first thing in the morning.  Do you know how many times they cancelled school due to cold when I was in school?   Twice.  And that was the week it went down around -50 in 1996.  If they'd cancelled school every time it got down around -20 when I was in school, we would've basically just had big chunks of January & February off entirely.  (To be fair, I'm sure I would have enjoyed that.)

January 20.
(Ice races out on the bay, 1/20/2013.)

There was much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments on Facebook about The Children.  "My kids have to stand out waiting for the bus!  They'd get frostbite!"  "The buses are too cold to ride on!"  "If it's cold enough to cancel recess, they should just cancel school!"  My eye-rolling muscles got a workout.  Especially as the day wore on, and I saw lots of moms out shopping downtown with their kids.  If it's cold enough to cancel school, isn't it also probably too cold to be dragging them out to run errands?

Man up, everybody.  We've got another two months of this and we can't go crawling back under our Snuggies every time the mercury dips below zero.  Show some self respect!  We're heartier than that!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Police blotter.

Sunday, 10:01 P.M.:  Caller reports a male came to her door asking for money because his mother got into an accident in Washburn and he needs money to go see her.  Caller said male is most likely white with "crazy eyes."

Tuesday, 10:11 A.M.:  Caller reports theft of four different medications and a note left saying "ha, ha."

Friday, 10:10 A.M.:  Caller would like to report her really good friend from prison sent her a letter and someone at the house she is staying at took it and won't give it to her.

Saturday, 1:45 P.M.:  911 caller wanted to report she and her boyfriend crossed each other's boundaries.  Nothing physical.  Caller just came back from church.  Caller put boyfriend on the phone who talked about how he got a hotel room for them last night and was talking to her lovingly and tenderly and she hurt him.  He didn't know what to do about the relationship.  Update: Dispatch advised that if the relationship is over, they should just stay away from each other and stop calling 911 for advice about their relationship.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oredock demolition update.

The last bits of the concrete approach leading up to the dock are gone.

Before (10/22/2011):
With the Kiyi in the background.

After (1/14/2013):
January 14.

Wow.  (The black thing in the foreground is the crane, lowered to the ground -- I guess they're done with that.)

And from another angle...before (12/18/2012):

After (1/15/2013):
Oredock, January 15.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Police blotter.

Monday, 11:20 A.M.: 
Caller reports being harassed and threatened by someone at Shopko who said he'd kick the caller's mother's ass.

Friday, 10:02 A.M.: Caller reported someone blew up his mailbox in Cable.  He's not sure how.  His neighbor called and informed him that his mailbox looks like it had been blown up.  The neighbor picked up the remnants of the mailbox.

Friday, 10:38 A.M.:  Principal at Catholic school reports two white males with "meth teeth" in a tan Buick wearing baseball caps* asking people for $20 to get back to Superior.

Saturday, 8:50 A.M.:  Walk-in reports a male sleeping in a snowbank across from Super One Foods.

Sunday, 2:27 P.M.:  911 caller said that kids were spitting on cars and it's gross.

*These creeps were all over the blotter for a few days, pestering churches, businesses, pedestrians & knocking on people's doors.  Ish.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Someone's been chopping broccoli.

January 10.

And, like, just leaving it in the alley, evidently.

Monday, January 07, 2013

What's making me happy this week.

When I first saw commercials for this show, I thought it looked mean-spirited so I didn't watch it.  Then I watched it, and found out that it isn't mean -- it's just obnoxious.  But obnoxious in a funny way. 

(I get the theme song stuck in my head about three times a day. "Billy on the streeeeeeeeet!")

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Like a Bigfoot sighting.

On Christmas Eve, we got a phone call out of the blue from one of my mom's many, many cousins who live down by Milwaukee.  He's an EMT, and while on duty that night, they got an ambulance call for a guy who'd fallen on the ice outside a bar and cracked his head on the ground.  When her cousin heard the guy's name, he asked, "Wait, are you from Moquah?  Is your mom's name Rosie?"  Turns out his patient was my mom's brother Charlie, and he'd slipped outside the VFW post across the street from his apartment building after having "a few" too many.

Anyway, long story short: this led to a lot of phone calls back and forth to Milwaukee, where my mom eventually got ahold of Charlie at the hospital.  He'll be okay -- he rattled his head quite a bit and was apparently pretty drunk when they brought him in, so much so that the hospital thought he was a homeless person because he wasn't making any sense.  Charlie's got a history of head injuries and seizures, so any whack to the head is a bad whack to the head, but it sounds like this one left a little bleeding in his brain that meant he had to stay in the hospital for a few days.   And, well, from what we understand, they're putting him through some kind of detox program, too.  He's absolutely positively not supposed to drink, ever, because of his medical history and seizure meds, but he's been doing it since before I was born so, well, no one was shocked to hear that he's still at it. (You haven't lived until you've seen my mother attempting to google "what are the dt's?")

Meanwhile, being practical types, we made a list of things to check up on for Charlie since he'll be out of commission for a few more days.  Was his rent paid for January?  Did he have a way to get his cell phone charger from his apartment?  Did his workplace know where he was and that he wouldn't be in?  Even with only a few clues to go on, through the magic of Google I managed to find his landlord's name, his boss' phone number, and...this.  The scene of the accident.

Like a Bigfoot sighting.

And there's no way to ever know for sure, but I swear to god, that's Charlie crossing the street between the VFW and his apartment building.   The beer belly...the posture...the hat. If it isn't him, then we must have another cousin on the loose in the neighborhood. 

Thanks for the laugh, Google Maps.