Saturday, November 23, 2013

Police blotter.

Sunday:  Caller from Highbridge reported 20 cows on the road.  The cows were last seen heading south.

Tuesday, 6:40 P.M.:  Caller reports hearing a teenaged male threaten to "kick ass in the next 15 minutes" if someone didn't leave his bread alone.

Wednesday, 3:25 P.M.:  Mother reports her 2 year-old got into her Honda Accord with the keys and locked herself in.

Thursday:  Caller stated that his wife just ran him over with her vehicle and there is something wrong with his hip and leg.  Caller stated that his wife had left the scene.

Saturday:  Town of Eileen caller reported that her pet pig has been missing since yesterday. The pig has no collar and is very friendly.

Saturday, 11:08 A.M.:  Driver reports two very small girls wearing pink jackets, approx. 5 years old, crossing at 6th Street and Ellis Avenue. Said they "high-fived" after they crossed because they appeared to be "happy they made it across."

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