Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Half-formed observation.

I find it a little awkward when women post pictures of themselves on Facebook and their female friends rush to make comments like "gorgeous!" and "so beautiful!" and stuff like that.  Because you don't see guys doing that to each other -- I mean, when my brother posts a picture of himself posing with the Chorizo at a Brewers game, his buddies don't all write "so handsome!" or "dude, you're beautiful."

I mean, it's nice that people want to compliment each other, there's nothing wrong with that...but it just strikes me as a weird default setting to return to again and again.  It seems kind of...insecure.   Like we need constant reassurance that we look okay or something.

Or maybe I'm overthinking things, and I'm just a jerk who should work harder at gracefully giving/taking compliments. 

It could probably go either way.

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