Thursday, August 29, 2013

My inner child is thrilled (and probably swinging a makeshift lightsaber around).

(*though really, it should probably be called the Famous Character Test, since it's all fictional characters)

Not unusually for someone my age, I loved Star Wars as a kid.  And when I was really little, Luke Skywalker was my FAVORITE.  All-caps FAVORITE.  I loved Luke Skywalker.  I wanted to be Luke Skywalker.  I also wished Luke Skywalker was my brother, or my cousin, or my next-door neighbor, depending on my mood, and I probably said I wanted to marry Luke Skywalker at some point, too.  Let's just say my four year-old feelings toward Luke Skywalker were loose and ever-evolving. 

I can still vividly remember running around the house in a specific pair of blue pajamas, wielding whatever lightsaber-shaped object I could get my sticky little mitts on (my big brother Dewey had a cool light-up one that I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH NOT EVER that occasionally got some use after he'd left for school for the day -- sorry, Dewey), dreaming that I was fighting off stormtroopers with Luke Skywalker.  Or sometimes, I was Luke Skywalker.  Again, things were fluid.

Speaking of fluid: the pajamas had E.T. on them, which I recall being well-aware of at the time, but to me, they were my "Luke Skywalker pajamas," and I wore them like a uniform.  I probably wore 'em so much, they were too worn-out to live on as hand-me-downs to my little brother Nick.

Up to something, no doubt...
(The only readily-accessible picture I can find of my not-Luke Skywalker pajamas. 
I was probably talking about Luke Skywalker when this was taken.)

Don't get me wrong -- I liked E.T. an awful lot, too.  But all the Reese's Pieces in the world wouldn't budge Luke Skywalker from my heart.

Of course, then I got older, and started to love a lot of other things.  I moved on.  And then I got even older, and noticed that Luke was kind of whiny sometimes...and then even later on, there were the prequels.  But still, there's a little four year-old piece of my brain that's kind of tickled that maybe, just maybe, even if it's just according to a silly online quiz, I grew up and became a little like my idol.

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