Sunday, July 28, 2013

Like a breath of fresh air from the west...

July 6.

Emily & her family came to town!  I'm embarrassed that she's gotten here two years in a row, and I haven't been out there since 2011...and I don't have three kids and a family's worth of stuff to organize to make the trip.  Maybe I'll do better in 2014.  Huzzah to having a new job with more vacation days, huzzah!

Anyway:  it was beyond lovely having them in town, especially over the 4th of July.  The 4th is one of the best days of the year in Ashland -- between the parade, the fire run, the fireworks, and all the other goofy stuff going on, it's the high point of the whole summer and I'm so glad Emily was able to be here and share that goofiness with Kevin & the kids.

Plus -- the beach!  This year, the water was ice cold and it was a lot harder to coax the kids in than last year (when it was freakishly warm) -- but it's good that they got to experience that, too.  I don't think they believed all the stories me & Emily were telling them about how cold it normally is last, they've been set straight.

At the beach.)

At the beach.

At the beach.

Romance novel cover.

The kids still haven't quite mastered the whole "don't walk on the towel with your wet, sandy feet" thing, though.  Maybe next time?

Still learning why not to walk on towels with wet, sandy feet.

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