Sunday, July 28, 2013

Highlights from the 4th of July.

The parade was pretty great this year -- more floats than usual, and since I watched it down in the west end, I got home way earlier than when I watch it on the east end (and have to wait forever & ever for everything to get that far, with horses pooping and tractors breaking down and people stopping their floats in the middle of the parade to chitchat with their friends on the sidewalk).  I love a parade and all, but I particularly love an efficiently-paced parade.  What can I say, I'm German.

Oredock float in the parade.

Awesome oredock float, complete with a Barbie doll jumping off the top.
It kinda seems like cheating if there's a wheel on the end...

Isn't it kind of cheating if there's a wheel on the bottom?

Maybe it was just us...

Maybe it was just us...but on first glance, what with the "flying high" sign and all the plants, we thought this was a float about legalizing marijuana. I mean, from a distance, the helicopter kinda looks like...well...

(On second throught, it wasn't just us, because we heard half the people around us whispering the same thing.)

You get to drink from...the fire hose!!

You get to drink from...the fire hose!!

And have I mentioned yet that we had special guests from Montana in town for the 4th?

And that my friend Peter got interviewed on the news?
Area man.

Then there was the city band concert.  I've been a terribly unreliable city bander this year, but managed to keep it together long enough to make it to the concert on the 4th.
End of the band concert.

The requisite standing ovation after our rousing rendition of "Stars and Stripes Forever." Or as I think of it every year, "SOUSA!  SOUSA!  SOUSA!!!" 
(This tends to cross my mind at least once per city band season, too.)

Then, Emily's husband and kids got to experience the fire run for the first time.
Emily's family experiences the fire run for the first time.

They found it about as confusing as they should've.

Last but not least: the fireworks.  We sat right at the edge of the hill where they were launching them off, and the kids were dazzled.  "Oohs" and "ahhs" aplenty.
July 4.

It's weird not hearing the reverberations zinging off the oredock, though. 
That'll take some getting used to.

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