Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dylan does Duluth (again).

There was a Bob Dylan concert!  In Duluth!  During the busiest, most hectic week of my entire summer!

Me & my mom went anyway.  We were there when he & Paul Simon came in 1999, and I was there in the cheap seats when he snuck through town in 1998, seemed a shame to miss the third time, even though it was really bad timing (for me).  My brother Nick tagged along, too, mostly to take in the spectacle.

July 9.

As an added bonus, it was down at Bayfront Park -- one of the prettiest concert venues in the Midwest, as far as I'm concerned.


And as another added bonus, Wilco was on the bill, too.  My mom had no idea who they were, but I thought they put on a fine show (as usual).

Boats taking in the show for free.

Plus, we stood near the water and watched all the boaters and kayakers taking in the show for free.  They're scofflaws, but pretty awesome scofflaws.

Eventually, Bob Dylan came out.

Bob Dylan.

Nick, upon hearing Bob Dylan start to sing.
(Nick, upon hearing Bob Dylan sing live for the first time.)

Antenna farm in the distance.

Mom & Nick.

Now my mom can say she's had her picture taken with Bob Dylan, and it won't be factually inaccurate.

Boats out on the water.

Oops -- I almost forgot -- we saw this in the parking ramp and busted a gut:

The Pervertible.

Well-played, Duluth.  Well-played. You never cease to delight me.

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