Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There's tenacity, and then there's just being stupid.

Sometime last month, a robin started building a nest above one of the birdhouses on the garage.  This wasn't anything out of the ordinary -- we've had robins build nest on top of those birdhouses for years.  But this particular robin decided to build her nest on top of a beehive, hung precariously above one of the birdhouses as a decoration...it looked shaky from the start and we tried to shoo her away, but she wouldn't hear of it and kept right on building it.

And then: tragedy struck.

June 2.

The beehive tipped over -- the nest didn't fall off, but the babies fell out & they didn't make it.  We found them on the ground before any critters wandering through the yard made off with them, and gave them a dignified burial in one of the flowerbeds.  There was much sadness for Mrs. Robin in her time of loss.

Until today, when we saw her doing this:

June 25.

Yeah, she's building another nest...on top of the tipped-over beehive.  Which is still totally unstable (we left it there on purpose, to discourage her from trying again in that spot).  Hundreds of trees in the yard -- hell, more birdhouses on the side of that very same garage! -- and she's back in the same spot.  Dummy.

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