Sunday, June 30, 2013

Police blotter.

Thursday, 4:24 A.M.:  Officer made contact with a half-naked male who was screaming profanities at himself. He was advised to stop doing that.

Saturday, 11:43 P.M.: Caller states she needs a ride home because her friends ditched her and “bad things happen to her in the dark.”

Monday, 6:12 P.M.: 911 open air call, sounded like someone walking and talking about pirates.

Wednesday, 11:53 A.M.: Caller has dialed 911 again, states she is calling because her phone isn't working properly and she's had to use other people's phones.  Dispatch advised caller that this isn't relevant to 911 or law enforcement in general, and advised caller not to call 911 unless there is an emergency. Caller then said there was a crime committed because dispatcher was "judging her."

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