Sunday, June 30, 2013

My monthly mea culpa.

I've been a bad blogger lately, I know.  Work is nuts -- great, but nuts -- and even though at the end of each week I tell myself "this weekend, I'm going to write something for the blog," before I know it, it's Sunday night again.  Lather, rinse, repeat, and a month's gone by, and I'm behind again.  (Hence, me scrambling to throw a bunch of stuff up at the end of each month, like tonight.  The guilt!)

Anyway:  the next two weeks will be particularly crazy, with tons of stuff happening at work, plus the 4th of July, my friend Emily & family visiting from Montana, my mother's birthday and the Bob Dylan concert I'm escorting her to in Duluth...whew.  I'm tired already and it hasn't even happened yet.  But, I swear, I'll do better here soon. 

In the meantime -- pictures! Because even though I suck at updating the blog, I am somehow managing to remember to take a picture every day.

June 26.

June 30.

June 17.

June 28.

June 16.

June 10.

June 24.

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