Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Police blotter.

Tuesday, 5:06 P.M.: Caller reports large coach-style bus parked on Vaughn Avenue just north of the corridor bridge (railroad trestle).  Bus is stopped short of bridge to avoid impact, but is unable to turn around, requires assistance backing vehicle out.

Wednesday, 12:55 P.M.:  Caller reports a jeep by the high school so covered in mud that no one can see out of it; occupants are driving with doors open so they can see.

Thursday, 11:06 P.M.:  Burger King employee reports that there are cars whipping donuts in their parking lot.

Sunday, 10:09 A.M.:  Received a call asking for a welfare check on caller's mother who lives in Friendship, WI.  She was talking to her mother and the line went dead.  Update: dispatch called Adams County and received a call back stating they contacted the mother and everything was fine.  The mother hung up on her daughter due to her daughter wanting money and the mother didn't want to give her money or talk to her daughter any more.

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