Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dispatch from the Helena bureau.

My friend Emily, knowing of my deep and abiding love for Vigilante Day out in Helena, sent me this on Friday after the annual spectacle had concluded and it cracked me the hell up.  Her words and pictures expertly capture the essence of its majesty, and she has graciously allowed me to share them here.

Another year of whores, drunks and militias
By Emily

This year was missing aliens, snarky political commentary and was highly short of prostitutes, but there were still some good ones. 

The requisite drinking high schoolers...
Vigilante Day Parade 2013.

Vigilante Day Parade 2013.

It's really good to have friends with barnyard animals.

Vigilante Day Parade 2013.

Militia, anyone?

And of course, the brothel scene. You can't see the girl dressed like a whore in the background, but she was there and you know it.

Vigilante Day Parade 2013.

Vigilante Day Parade 2013.

This was one of the best hangings I've seen in my years as a Helena resident. Well crafted, actual costumes and they really strung the guy up. Then I had to explain to Aine why he was hanging by a noose, and what was meant by "vigilante justice" anyway.

I still don't really comprehend why the kids in this town get a whole day off of school to parade around town while every crazy weirdo in the tricounty area cheers them on, but hey, when in Rome...

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