Sunday, April 07, 2013

Police blotter.

Wednesday, 11:37 A.M.:  Caller reports one of his neighbors put a nasty note on his car telling him to "not park there anymore."

Friday, 5:16 P.M.:  Caller wants an officer to tell her neighbors to stop looking at her truck.

Sunday, 2:12 P.M.:  Caller demands an officer take subject out of her attic.  She has called over and over and no one will remove the male.  Subject is telling her what to do and that he has her son and is also telling her from the attic that he will cut all her wires.  Caller refuses to answer any questions and is yelling about this being America and she refuses to play insane word games.

Sunday, 3:39 P.M.:  Caller states he was just at the gas station and was threatened by some people who said they were going to come "kill his house."

Tuesday, 3:58 P.M.:  Caller in Bayfield reports someone put rancid meat in his oven while he was gone.

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