Sunday, March 10, 2013

Police blotter: canine edition.

Tuesday, 2:01 P.M.:  Caller reports his neighbor's dog has defecated in his yard again.

Thursday, 11:37 A.M.:  Caller said she "seen a dog" on the road, picked it up and brought it home.

Friday, 5:30 A.M.:
  Stray dog outside barked "all night," but caller just now decided it was very disturbing.  Update: officer advised the caller's dog being on the porch was also contributing to the barking and the problem of the stray hanging around.

Saturday, 5:00 P.M.: 
Caller on 6th Street reports hearing a voice outside her window threatening her dog because it's German.

Saturday, 5:05 P.M.:  Caller wants to speak to an officer regarding dogs barking.  Wants to know why his neighbor can call when his dog barks but it's okay when the neighbor's dogs bark for hours on end.

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