Thursday, February 14, 2013

Seven-year itch.

As I posted on Facebook earlier this week:
"What do me & the Pope have in common? (Well, besides our mutual love of height-enhancing hats, obviously.)

We're both leaving our jobs on February 28th.

P.S.  Hey, Pope -- way to steal my thunder! I was waiting all weekend to announce this!

Yes, it's true.  Two weeks from today will be my last day at the Law Factory.  And so comes the end of an era.

Or, well, seven years.  Can seven years count as an era?  At my age, I think so.  Especially considering that  I barely lasted four days at the job I held immediately prior to this one.  (Granted, that job was a shit storm.)

February 4.

(All the phone message books I've filled since March 2006.  That's a lotta phone calls.)

Modern etiquette dictates that you shouldn't blog about where you work, so for the most part, I haven't.  What has made it on here over the years didn't really have anything to do with my actual job -- the setting was incidental, just part of the backdrop.  But oh, what a glorious, richly-woven tapestry of a backdrop it's been.

Ever since I gave my notice, I've had a scene from Seinfeld stuck in my head -- it's from the episode when Mr. Pitt fires Elaine because he thinks she and Jerry are plotting to murder him.  There's a montage that plays at the very'll know it when you see it.

Yeah, that one.  Only if I had to make my own highlight reel, here's what would make the cut:

Crazy people mad at the government/their neighbors/the Democrats

Crazy people with no concept of keeping their inner monologues, well, inner

Weird busted-up stuff in the alley (and weird stuff in the fax machine)

People who have a hard time using phone books

Messy messes and climate control issues

And especially this.  Monkey story, I think I'm going to miss you most of all.

July 6.


The Macky's said...

End of an era indeed. Onwards and upwards!!!

The Macky's said...

Congratulations!!! Don't worry- there's still of plenty of crazy enjoy everywhere else, too. ;)