Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Police blotter.

Tuesday, 2:47 P.M.:  Caller reports she has seen at least six stray cats today that have never been around before.

Friday, 5:27 P.M.:  Caller reports his car was stolen from the Walmart associate parking lot.  Stated he lost his car keys and did not know where they were.  Update: caller called back and said he had left his car in the service center lot on the opposite side of the building and forgot.

Friday, 9:30 P.M.:  911 call reporting upstairs neighbors "stomping."  Update:  a two year-old was walking around.

Sunday, 10:44 P.M.: 911 caller wanted to report a "hate crime," said people had drawn a confederate flag in the snow on his car.

Monday, 8:21 A.M.:  Open air 911 call, sounds like a bunch of girls at school talking about new hair styles and a boy.

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