Friday, February 08, 2013

Police blotter.

Tuesday, 8:20 A.M.:  Report of a cow being kept in a dog kennel.

Wednesday, 3:38 P.M.:  Neighbor's dog keeps pooping in caller's yard and he wants it to stop.

Friday, 9:36 A.M.: Caller says someone is leaving mean messages on his voicemail, telling him to “___ off” and “___ you” and other mean slurs.  He would like her to stop doing that.

Saturday, 2:02 P.M.:  Caller in Town of Kelly reports her daughter has trashed her house, pouring maple syrup all over the residence.

Sunday, 1:23 P.M.:  911 open air call. Dispatch could hear someone saying "shit" over and over.  Update: dispatch called the number back and spoke with caller who said he sat on his phone.


Krista Fahlgren said...

Mary, I am so upset with myself for forgetting you have a blog. Required reading! Thank you!

Nan said...

Maple syrup "all over the residence?" How did she get it on the roof? Roll up with a cherry picker and a 55 gallon drum of the stuff?