Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Police blotter.

Sunday, 10:01 P.M.:  Caller reports a male came to her door asking for money because his mother got into an accident in Washburn and he needs money to go see her.  Caller said male is most likely white with "crazy eyes."

Tuesday, 10:11 A.M.:  Caller reports theft of four different medications and a note left saying "ha, ha."

Friday, 10:10 A.M.:  Caller would like to report her really good friend from prison sent her a letter and someone at the house she is staying at took it and won't give it to her.

Saturday, 1:45 P.M.:  911 caller wanted to report she and her boyfriend crossed each other's boundaries.  Nothing physical.  Caller just came back from church.  Caller put boyfriend on the phone who talked about how he got a hotel room for them last night and was talking to her lovingly and tenderly and she hurt him.  He didn't know what to do about the relationship.  Update: Dispatch advised that if the relationship is over, they should just stay away from each other and stop calling 911 for advice about their relationship.

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