Friday, May 25, 2012

Springtime, ringa-dinga-dingtime.

May 21.It's a bird, it's a plane...May 19.


Oredock demolition update.

May 25.

Demolition of the concrete portions of the dock is slated to start soon -- hence, the big debris guards being set up at the end. 

Oredock, 5/25.

Some of the chutes are still up on the western side -- they don't appear to be getting cut off just yet, either (if you look through to the back of the dock toward the right, you can see the shortened ones on the other side).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oredock demolition update.

The chutes have been lowered on about half of the western side of the dock...

May 17.

Still weird to see it like that.

Oredock, May 17th.

The weaving is the hardest part.

I haven't made a ton of baby blankets in the last year or two...or well, it doesn't seem like I have compared to other baby boom times in my social circle.  Usually I just halfass it,grab some yarn and make a bunch of stripes...lately, I've been more adventurous than usual and have been following more patterns.  (Actually, now that I see that typed-out, I suppose following a pattern would generally be considered the less-adventurous route, wouldn't it?)

At any rate -- I made one of these, then had enough yarn left over to make another one so I did.

Pink blankets.

I like how they turned out, even though the little squares aren't completely square so things needed a bit of tugging and yanking to make it all straight(ish). But oh god, I forgot how much I hate the weaving-all-the-pieces-together phase of blankets like this.  It's so tedious.  You get one row done, and then there's like, four more rows. And then you need to tie all those rows together...I suffer for my art, I really do.

(I've got more of this same yarn left over, so like a true masochist, I'm starting another one of these.  I never learn.)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Police blotter.

Monday, 1:22 P.M.: 
911 open air call. Dispatch called the number back and spoke with owner who said he didn't have a problem but "something is wrong" with his "Obama phone."

Wednesday, 1:57 P.M.:  BART bus driver reported an air mattress laying in the road by Pamida.

Thursday, 9:01 A.M.:  Caller wanted to report that his ex broke into his house and stole his candy.

Thursday, 4:21 P.M.:  Walk-in reports a vehicle "flying around."

Friday, 10:22 P.M.:  Caller reported a group of people hiding in the bushes and jumping out.  Caller said they are smoking "something," and "it isn't cigarettes."

Saturday, 11:27 P.M.:  911 caller reports a male is "snaking out."  Update: officer on scene reports that all parties appeared intoxicated.

Sunday, 12:54 P.M.:  Caller advised a male in a tight red and black outfit was going to skateboard down Golf Course Hill in Mellen.  Update: no individual located in tight red and black outfit.

Friday, May 11, 2012


A unicorn!  For Aine!  Because it was her birthday a few days ago!

Big nose.

Profile.   Unicorn!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's making me happy this week.

Sigh of relief.

There aren't many TV shows that I feel all that invested in these days -- sure, I may wax poetic about the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that's a guilty pleasure (and Bravo reruns it twenty times a week so it's not hard to catch up if you fall behind -- well, that, and the fact that basically the same thing happens on the show over & over again).  Community and Parks & Recreation, and to a lesser extent 30 Rock (it has its moments but it's slipping), are my Thursday night shows.  I look forward to them all day at work and spend the week afterwards looking forward to the next installments. 

(But The Office...oh my god, so bad this season.  Inconsistent characters, stupid storylines, no rhyme or reason and a lot of desperate, flailing attempts toward the end to make it all make sense. Not that I changed the channel when it came on, but that was mostly just because I was waiting for Parks & Rec afterwards. Like Pavlov's dog and the bell, I've become conditioned to get up and take my laundry out of the washer whenever The Office comes on.) 

For as many knocks as NBC takes about their bad ratings and their bad track record the last few years, I give them a lot of credit for running the only sitcoms I actually give a shit about watching on network TV.  They shoot for the lowest common denominator with a lot of their programming, but the Thursday night shows are smart, distinctive and above all else, very, very funny. 

Community is my favorite show.  There are other shows I love -- Parks & Rec, Louie, Mad Men, Doctor Who, RuPaul's Drag Race -- but Community speaks to my inner misfit like nothing else quite does.  The show gets a lot of attention for being experimental and imaginative, for taking huge risks and going down rabbit holes, but what I love most about it is the characters at its core.  It's got heart.  A big, weird, wacky heart.  A heart like the weird, wacky people I know & love in real life. 

So, again, big sigh of relief that it's getting a fourth season.  Even if it's a short fourth season. Thirteen episodes is a hell of a lot better than no more episodes.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Nowadays, the school board probably frowns on this sort of thing.

I’d hate to let this National Teacher Appreciation Day pass (yes, that's apparently a thing) without giving a shout-out to Mrs. Magnuson, my 1st grade teacher many, many years ago.  I liked Mrs. Magnuson, but she was hard for a six year-old to get a read on -- she was kind and patient but she wasn't as ooey-gooey sweet as my kindergarten teacher had been, and being near the end of her run, she gave off the air that she'd seen it all and she wasn't in the mood to see much more. 

Anyway:  long before I arrived in her classroom she’d established a tradition of bringing each student to the front of the room on his/her she could spank them. 

First grade.
(All spanked.)

I spent the majority of the school year terrified of what was to come, watching one by one as most of my classmates’ birthday floggings came and went, growing more anxious by the month...until finally April 3rd rolled around and I was called up to take my swats.  I was a nervous wreck.  As I assumed the position, Mrs. Magnuson, sensing my horror (though that probably wasn’t too hard to pick up on -- I never have had much of a poker face), leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, honey, it’s all a joke.  Play along for the kids who haven’t had their birthdays yet, okay?”  She winked, raised her arm, and proceeded to make the class count along as she theatrically pretended to whack me with her ruler seven times.  Afterwards, she gave me another wink and sent me back to my desk for chocolate milk & cake.

Yeah, my family didn't do the whole "birthday spankings" thing (which, yes, is also apparently a thing).

Years later, when I learned words like "droll" and "gallows humor," I immediately associated them with Mrs. Magnuson and still do to this very day.  Her humor was a little sophisticated for first graders, but I can't fault the lady for getting her laughs where she could.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Police blotter.

Sunday, 2:27 P.M.: 
911 call reporting a suspicious looking male inside the "gyro bus."  Update: advised that the bus is open for business and that the male is making gyros inside the bus.

Monday, 10:22 P.M.: 
Caller reported a bear on her porch.  Said she had left garbage out there and opened the door, and there he was.

Wednesday, 1:34 P.M.: 
Elderly female caller trying to reach phone company to repair her phone service; was advised that "911" dials police/emergency/rescue, not the phone company.

Thursday, 7:51 A.M.:
  Caller stated that someone smeared honey on his cabin windows.

Friday, 6:33 A.M.: 
Caller reports that her neighbor's cattle were at her residence last night. There were about 25 Holsteins in her yard at 2:30 A.M., rubbing up against her vehicles. She states there are piles of manure all over her yard.

Friday, 7:35 P.M.:  Call from an incredibly nasty person wanting dispatch to “guess” who was calling, and “guess” who she wanted a welfare check on, and wouldn’t give her name or where the children were other than to say it was the “drug house” and to “guess” why she needed a welfare check.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Police Blotter: Llama Edition.

Friday, 8:39 P.M.:
  Caller reports three llamas running down the road. Caller is concerned because the llamas are quite large.

Friday, 9:50 A.M.:  Report of three llamas on Maki Road.

Saturday, 8:34 A.M.:  Report of three llamas in the woods heading toward Maki Road.

Sunday, 9:26 A.M.:  Report of loose animals. Two llamas were the suspects.