Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm not one for making a lot of New Year's resolutions, because I tend to blow them off.  Or forget about them.  And it just seems kind of gimmicky.  I make a lot of to-do lists on a daily basis, anyway, so trying to wrangle some sort of year-long thematic to-do list out of the jumble of stuff in my brain seems...hard. (This lack of long-term planning may explain why I still haven't gone to grad school or, y'know, decided what I want to be when I grow up.)

But, well, I feel like I need to throw up a blog post tonight to close out the year.  And I don't know what else to write about.  So...resolutions it is.

  • Read 13 books in 2013.  And by "books," I mean actual books.  It's not that I feel guilty for a lack of reading, because I read all day at work, I burn through a few magazines a week, I'm reading all the time.  But my contact with real honest-to-goodness BOOK-books over the past few years has diminished, and I want to turn that trend around.  (I sort-of set this as a goal this year -- except it was 12 in 2012 -- and figured I should up the ante and make it official.)
  • Keep diligently updating my 365 Pictures project.  (I've only had to fudge it twice so far, on days when I forgot to take pictures -- or when I forgot to do it before midnight, anyway.)  
  • Get around to watching the 17-disc set of The Complete Larry Sanders Show (which has been sitting on my bookcase since last Christmas).  I started...then got distracted by a backlog of Netflix discs. 
  • Sort out my old pictures.  I've got a ridiculous pile of photos dating back to middle school that are in desperate need of organization.  They're all in boxes and there's a rough sense of order to some of the piles, but there's so many duplicates and so few of them are sends me into a shame spiral every time I go digging through them.  I envision me standing in the middle of a bunch of boxes, tossing pictures around and around, grimacing whenever I spot one from middle school.
  • Crochet 13 things I've never made before.  I'm sure I'll crochet more than 13 things in 2013...but this is primarily to encourage me to make things other than potholders and turkey hats. Sometimes, at least.
  • Procrastinate less.  And be more spontaneous, too.

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