Friday, December 14, 2012

Police blotter.

Thursday, 1:36 A.M.:
  Report of a Ford F150 doing doughnuts in the Anna Marie Designs parking lot.

Friday, 3:25 P.M.:  911 disconnect call from person who said "I hit the wrong thingy."

Saturday, 7:19 P.M.:
Caller states that he heard some banging or metal creaking.  Update: blowing "for sale" signs may have made the noise.

Monday, 12:02 A.M.: Caller reports her boyfriend stole her memory card again and then left. She says he hides in the ravine behind her house every time law enforcement comes over; she just wants her phone and for him not to come back.

Tuesday, 11:54 P.M.:  Barking dog complaint: neighbor's dog has been barking for ten years.

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