Thursday, November 15, 2012

Police blotter.

Tuesday, 4:58 P.M.:  Female picked up a stray dog and now the dog won't let her back in her car.

Wednesday, 5:04 P.M.:  Caller states that he thinks some unsupervised juveniles are throwing pumpkins on their own property.

Thursday, 12:48 P.M.:
  Caller reports a "hell of a fight" at 2nd Avenue West.

Saturday, 7:12 A.M.: 911 misdial; when answered, caller asked “who’s chewing on my phone?”  Turned out it was the caller’s eight week old yellow lab.

Sunday, 4:37 P.M.:  Caller states that her half brother and sister keep taking her stuff and leaving other stuff and caller has had it!

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