Tuesday, October 02, 2012

What's making me happy this week.

My friend Ranger Bob posted a link to this on Facebook today, and I laughed 'til I was crying.  It got to the point where I had to just close it down and save it for after work, because if I'd kept reading, somebody would've either noticed my face getting red or they would've heard me gasping, trying (and failing) not to audibly bust out giggling.

Basically, it's screengrabs of postings people make on Facebook (and elsewhere) taking stories from The Onion literally.  Very literally.  It's hilarious...and a little horrifying, in the sense that it always shocks me that people haven't heard of The Onion by now.  And that their reading comprehension skills are so abysmal.

(And how quick they are to react to something in a knee-jerk sort of way, especially the political stuff.  Some of the anti-Obama stuff is downright depressing, like the fact that people would believe he's hiding a secret 19 year-old son that he'd suddenly trot out at a national convention...or that he committed a double-homicide.  Or, well, this.  Or this.  I mean, jesus christ, people. Only a paranoid nutbag or a complete dope could read that and think it's for real!  I mean, fine, you don't have to like Obama, but to be so cynical as to take that stuff at face value?  Whackadoodle.)

My favorites are the ones that believed the headline "George W. Bush Returns to America After Spending 4 Years in the Himalayas" ("it's actually quite cool that his mind has reached a higher state of consciousness"), and the ones who were outraged by "Shroud of Turin Accidentally Washed With Red Shirt" ("whose idea was it to include the shroud in the weekly laundry??").  Oh, god, and "Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday" ("our tax dollars at work, I'll bet").  So earnest!  So misinformed! 

This one's pretty great, too.

And, lest we forget...

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