Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stuff I've made lately.

Babies!  So many babies!  Everyone I know is having babies!!!!*

First, for the ones having twins - peas in a pod photo props.

October 14.

Having grown up with a mother who got a fair amount of jollies out of dressing her children up in ridiculous outfits, when I found the pattern for this, I couldn't resist.

Next: a peas-in-a-pod related doodad for the older sister of one of the impending sets of twins (so she'd feel included).

October 22.

Plus more baby hats!

October 19.

And more baby hats!!

October 24.

And a toddler-sized turkey hat for a little turkey I know...

Little turkey hat.October 1.
Last but not least, after a hiatus from cross stitching, some trinkets for the impending tiny overlords.  May their reigns over their respective households (and parents) be merciful.

After a hiatus...

(Seriously, how often am I going to know two couples expecting twins at the same time?  I figured I may as well make hay while the sun shines.)

*not really

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