Sunday, October 28, 2012

Police blotter.

Tuesday, 1:55 P.M.: Large blanket in the road blocking the southbound lane.  Update: picked up and deposited in the trash, lane cleared.

Tuesday, 4:13 P.M.: Report of a middle-aged male wearing shorts and no shirt yelling obscenities on the playground at Beaser School.

Wednesday, 12:12 P.M.: Caller would like to make a complaint about someone who had “destroyed her life” by saying that caller has her “blank” pierced.

Thursday, 5:37 P.M.:  Caller reports her ex and his girlfriend drove past her residence and flipped their middle fingers at her.

Saturday, 4:54 P.M.:
Caller reports Evergreen Shopper carrier with a child/juvenile riding in the trunk of the car; child would jump out of the trunk to deliver papers and then climb back in, car would continue on route and repeat.

Saturday, 11:03 P.M.:  Caller reported hearing people yelling and saying "f-bombs.

Monday, 12:49 P.M.:  Request for an officer to go and speak with someone about smoking near his oxygen machine.  Heard from someone else that he was doing it again, and it already blew up once before.

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