Thursday, October 18, 2012

Police blotter.

Saturday, 1:15 P.M.:
Person stopped at the Ashland jail to speak to the sheriff about what will be done with the roundabout during Apple Fest as she believes it will cause problems.

Saturday, 10:30 P.M.: Caller reports three elementary aged females dancing very provocatively in the middle of the street.

Sunday, 11:27 A.M.:   Resident reports oven fire; no flames showing, large amount of black smoke coming from inside, believes back wall behind oven may be on fire.  The two occupants are directed to leave the residence.  Update: second call from resident reported the bottom of her pie fell onto the oven element.

Monday, 8:57 A.M.:  Neighbor's cat keeps coming into caller's yard, taunting the birds that she feeds.

Tuesday, 8:15 P.M.: Open air 911 misdial, sounded like someone riding in a car.  Country music could be heard, and then a female voice stated "KFC pot pies are good."

Wednesday, 11:54 P.M.:  Bartender reports an irate male patron who was threatening to throw a pool ball at others.  Subject was kicked out and is front of the bar.  Update:  cue ball was found.

Friday, 7:59 P.M.:  Would like to know if an officer can come and breathalyze his 26 year-old son. He believes his son has been drinking and there’s a rule in the house that there is no drinking.

Saturday, 1:32 P.M.:  Caller requests permission from officer to sit in the ditch by his parents' house.  Caller would like to wait with a shotgun and shoot out the radiator on the getaway car when they try to steal his parents' mailbox.

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