Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stuff I've made lately.

I know I keep promising to re-commit to writing more on here, but lately I've been on a big crocheting kick and it somehow seems counterproductive to force myself to change gears if I'm having fun doing something else.  I figure I'll get sick of yarn one of these days and will be ready to do something else again, and maybe that's when I'll feel more like writing.  It'll happen!

Anyway -- in the meantime, here's some crap I've made lately. 

Bunny stuff for Erica.

My friend Erica's expecting twins (TWINS!) later this year and posted a picture on Facebook of some handmade bunny-eared baby hats (and cottontailed diaper covers) that she liked that were, like, $70 a set. I was like, what did the person make them out of?  Was the yarn made of actual babies?  Because $70 was freakin' highway robbery.  Anyway, I spoke up and offered to make her some instead, and saved her nearly $140 (considering that she'd need two).  And since I had extra yarn left over, I made extra hats for the kids to grow into later in the winter. Sweet.  I hope her impending sons are pleasantly humiliated by all the baby pictures she'll take of them wearing these get-ups.

Also: she didn't want her toddler Charlotte to feel left-out, so I made a couple of bunny-eared hats for her, too.  (One for now, one for when her head's a little bigger.)

September 9.

And, since I was on a roll, a few extras to put away for baby shower presents down the line.  Look at me, being so proactive.

August 23.

After that, I whipped up a few of these baby cocoons to further load up the box I was sending to Erica -- they went a little quicker than a regular baby blanket, and I figured if they weren't her cup of tea, Charlotte could use them as sleeping bags for her stuffed animals or something.

September 6.

Last but not least, I finally finished this freakin' baby blanket I started way back in...July?  It must've been July, because I bought the yarn on sale during Bay Days.  I like making this particular pattern, but it requires a lot of tension keeping all the strands of yarn in the right place and my hands get tired.  I sound like an 80 year-old.  Back to hats after this bad boy, my hands need a break.

September 19.

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