Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Police blotter.

Wednesday, 9:19 A.M.: Caller reported a “texting war” between his dad and his girlfriend.  Texts make comments about him not having any musical artistic talent. Caller said he and the other subjects have exchanged mean texts.  Dispatch advised caller to change his phone number.

Thursday, 6:51 P.M.:  Caller reports that the neighborhood pitbull is out roaming the streets again.

Saturday, 9:48 A.M.: Caller reported that the people who live next door let their dogs run loose and they poop in the caller’s yard.

Saturday, 2:05 P.M.: Caller is getting harassing texts from a girl calling her boyfriend a “loser.”

Sunday, 2:38 P.M.:  Caller reports the theft of a bald eagle from her freezer.

Monday, 9:40 A.M.:   Report of 30+ vultures on the roof and trees around a big brown house.

Tuesday, 7:39 P.M.: Man stopped at police station asking to speak with an officer regarding his phone.  Stated his phone began making strange noises and he was unable to sleep.  Further stated that he had ripped the phone off the wall, but the phone was still making noises.  Officer went to residence with man to assist; noise was carbon monoxide detector with a “low battery” beep.  Battery changed and phone restored.

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