Sunday, September 09, 2012

Police blotter.

Monday, 6:25 P.M.: Seagull that was shot with a bow and arrow still flying around.

Tuesday, 3:14 P.M.:  Caller reports the "veggie sign" is too far out on the road on Bear Lake Road and was a visual obstruction.  Officer responds that he has observed the sign throughout his shift and it is not a hazard.

Tuesday, 4:52 P.M.: Concerned caller says a large white van with a cow on the side is selling illegitimate beef.

Thursday, 2:07 A.M.:  Caller reports he has a llama in his yard and it's eating the leaves off his trees.

Friday, 12:13 A.M.: Anonymous caller reports he was walking home about 10-15 minutes ago and a white Chevy Cobalt slowed near him with a couple of males hanging out the windows swearing and threatening the caller.  The subjects then apologized because they thought he was someone else.  Caller believes they might have been intoxicated.

Saturday, 10:03 A.M.: Very rude female caller reports her bike was taken.

Sunday, 11:45 A.M.: Caller reported a male “drunker than a fart” heading west from Super H.

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