Friday, September 28, 2012

I'll take "sock pow zok" over "sis boom bah" any day.

This morning, I had an old guy ask me if I remember my high school's fight song.  It was hard to find a respectful way to say dude, I'm pretty sure I didn't know my high school's song when I was in high school. 

(And judging by his facial expression, I really don't think he liked it when I referred to it as my high school's "theme song.")

I have vague recollections of playing something upbeat & bouncy ad nauseum with the pep band at football and basketball games, so maybe at one time, if my school did in fact have a theme -- er, fight -- song, I knew it.  Or I knew how to play it on my bass clarinet, anyway.  But did it have lyrics?  Were there specific times people were supposed to stand up or yell or clap or something?  Who knows.  I mean, we played so many upbeat & bouncy songs ad nauseum back then, how could I possibly keep them all straight.  If I ever knew any of that stuff, it got wallpapered over in my brain a loooooong time ago, probably by MST3K quotes or my college ID number (1840349!) or  or remembering how to insert tacky clip art into Christmas card letters each December.  (Hey, it's hard to remember how to do that when it only comes up once a year.  Maybe I should practice by inserting it into important legal documents year-'round, to keep it fresh?)

And that old guy can roll his eyes all he likes, but if my school had a proper theme song like the ones from Green Acres or Mr. Ed or The Dukes of Hazzard or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I bet I'd remember it.  In fact, as a public service, may I offer the following suggestion to my alma mater:

Just change all the "Batmans" to "Ashlands"!  Problem solved!


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