Sunday, September 30, 2012


My friend Laura & her husband Nick are running a 10k on Thanksgiving...a turkey trot, if you will.  She posted a picture on Facebook of some hats she'd found on Etsy that she was thinking about ordering to wear for the race, and I took one look at their $25 a pop price tags and said I'd happily whip up a couple for them on the house. 

Turkey hat.Turkey hat.
Turkey hat.

(Seriously, I can't believe how much some people get for stuff on Etsy.  These take about $4.00 of yarn, for pete's sake.)


Nan said...

$4 worth of yarn and how much time? The crafter's time is worth something, too.

Mary said...

That's a good point. I guess since the vast majority of the things I make are gifts, and since I'm usually crocheting away most evenings anyway, maybe I just have a hard time monetizing the time/energy I put into it. If I were trying to make a living doing it, I suppose I'd take it more seriously. :-)

(On the other hand, when friends send me Etsy postings for $75 baby hats that can't take more than an hour or two to construct, I can't help but laugh. Hey, if people will pay that much, good for the sellers! haha Too rich for my blood, though.)