Sunday, August 26, 2012

Police blotter.

Monday, 8:35 A.M.:  Caller reports that his neighbors have set up a coyote noisemaker at the edge of their property in retaliation for the rooster making too much noise.

Tuesday, 7:50 P.M.:  Ashland County Fair Board is requesting same law enforcement coverage as last year, but with more patrols by the horse barn after midnight as intoxicated people try to feed beer to the horses then release them from the stable.

Wednesday, 11:10 A.M.: Report of hammering noises heard in garage in back of house. Update: people were working on a car in an auto shop.

Thursday, 1:30 P.M.: Deacon from the church in Moquah states a former grounds employee damaged the church's riding lawn mower and has a part for it and refuses to return it. Update, 2:56 P.M.:  Caller reports he is being harassed by the Moquah priest and another person about some property that apparently belongs to the church.  Caller would like officer to stop the harassment.

Friday, 7:50 A.M.:  Motorist reports a blue jug of liquid on the highway in the eastbound lane.  Stated he was familiar with that type of jug and was concerned it may be acid leaking into the water. Update: empty laundry detergent jug located and removed.

Saturday, 11:10 A.M.:  Vehicle stopped for speeding on Highway 2.  Driver advised officer of a hair emergency for the wedding she is in today.  Driver warned for speeding and told the hair emergency did not qualify as an emergency.

Sunday, 11:18 P.M.:   911 caller reported a "tiff" with his girlfriend.  Caller said was it was only verbal but he's "sick of this sh*t."

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