Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Police blotter.

Monday, 9:28 P.M.: Complaint of a loud bird mimicking dogs.

Tuesday, 10:25 A.M.:  Caller reported that their neighbors were verbally arguing.  Caller did not know who the people were, but doesn't think calling each other names is a way to solve problems.

Wednesday, 6:24 A.M.:  Caller reports his neighbor has chickens that crow at 3:45 and 4:00 A.M. every morning and he is sick of getting awakened every morning.

Wednesday, 5:10 P.M.:  Caller was concerned about a turtle trying to cross the highway near the Great Lakes Visitor Center.  Dispatch responded that they would try to do what they could for the turtle.

Thursday, 5:48 P.M.: 911 caller screaming about a crotch rocket going 90 mph.

Friday, 2:22 P.M.:  Report of a possible "mom fight" by the flag pole.

Saturday, 12:03 A.M.:  Caller in Glidden reports she went outside to smoke a cigarette and left her two kids in the house.  She locked her keys in the car and now she's locked the house with her children inside.  She refuses to call a tow company to unlock the doors and will wait outside until her children wake up.

Sunday, 5:03 P.M.:  Caller would like to speak with an officer about being "harassed and stalked" by his ex-girlfriend.  Caller said that his ex drives up and down his street and gives his new girlfriend "dirty looks."  Dispatcher advised caller that you can't tell someone where they can and can't drive.

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