Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A late night for Grandpa Skip.

My friend (and ace historian) Ranger Bob recently gave a lecture on the history of the DuPont explosives plant in Barksdale, and came across this picture while he was researching a huge explosion at the plant in 1952.

Grandpa Skip by the blown-out windows at the A&P, October 1952.

The explosion was so powerful, it blew out windows all over downtown Ashland, which is seven miles across the bay from Barksdale.  This is a picture of the A&P (later, the Super Valu, and now the site that Walgreens sits on), which was managed by my grandfather Harold "Skip" Asbach.  And here you can see Skip surveying the damage, and probably trying to figure out where he was going to get enough wood to board up all those holes where the windows used to be.

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