Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Water, water, everywhere.

It's fun to take kids from landlocked states to the beach. 

Emily & fam at the beach.

Oh, sure, there are lakes in Montana.  Some of them are even sort of big.  But due to all sorts of hazards of geography, none of them hold a candle to Lake Superior.  Dammed-up rivers just don't compare, and hard, rocky beaches can't top big, beautiful stretches of soft, squishy sand.  (Don't feel too badly for them -- it's not like they don't already have an embarrassment of riches in the natural wonders department.)

Anyway, this is all just a longwinded way of saying that after a six-year absence, Emily got to take her family to the beach again, and it was awesome.  We lucked out on the weather front, dodging a bunch of rain that rolled through earlier that day, and as an added bonus, the lake was the warmest I've ever felt it in my entire life.  Troubling from a global-warming standpoint, but for that day, for three kids who'd been hearing all day about how ice water-y it is from their mom and Auntie Mary, it was a pleasant surprise.

Now, if only they could master the subtle art of not walking across the picnic blanket with wet sand all over their feet...maybe next time.

Aine ran aground.Elliot busies himself with a bucket.
Sticky fingers.

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