Monday, July 23, 2012

Police blotter.

Monday, 3:25 P.M.:
Female at Pamida Beach carrying vodka bottle, intoxicated, swearing at kids, falling down hill.

Tuesday, 6:30 A.M.: 
Caller reports an approximately 40-year old male who is dancing in the alley since 5:30 this morning behind her residence on Bratley Drive. Subject has on shorts, flip flops, baseball cap, and a Packer blanket/poncho over his head and he appears to have a silver van with a canoe on top.

Tuesday, 2:59 P.M.: Caller reports there are two people in her attic robbing her.  States they were there all day yesterday and they hid when the Meals on Wheels lady came.

Wednesday, 10:38 P.M.:
Caller reports someone’s cows have been harassing their horses.

Thursday, 2:32 P.M.:
  Caller reports her neighbors use "major" profanity and she can't take it any longer.

Friday 7:16 A.M.: 
Call who would not give his name and was very crabby called to complain about a plane flying overhead.

Saturday, 5:21 A.M.:
Caller has a bear between her car and house that won't leave even though she has been honking at it.

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