Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Police blotter.

Friday, 7:07 P.M.: 
Report of a "big mean canine dog" chasing cars and scaring people.

Friday, 10:58 P.M.:  Caller is quite upset, stated he is in fear for his life.  He states that a group of people just tried to land on his dock with no lights on, but he managed to chase them off.  He asked that dispatch please not think he's crazy, but his ex-wife is connected to the Mob in Chicago and he believes that she has the means and the knowledge to have him killed.

Saturday, 8:25 A.M.:  Person in sheriff's department lobby to report that her neighbor needs a "5150" (something she saw on the Today Show yesterday).

Monday, 12:16 P.M.:  Caller on the sidewalk on 8th Street East reports there is a bear in the kitchen. Update, 12:22 P.M.: bear has been chased out of the kitchen.

Tuesday, 10:25 A.M.:  Elderly woman in Mason reports someone broke into her house again and this time stole groceries. Woman says she has changed locks and nailed the windows shut, but nothing seems to help.

Wednesday, 12:50 A.M.: Anonymous caller reports a female running down the beach naked.  Does not seem to be in distress.

Thursday, 11:23 A.M.:  Caller reports a rabbit has been trapped.  Update: it was a cottontail.

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