Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Toivo is the sheddiest cat I've ever lived with.  You can't touch him without coming away with fingers full of hair -- cripes, sometimes it seems like you can't even look at him without getting fur all over yourself.  No amount of lint rollering can put a stop to his madness.  (Hell, we've even tried vacuuming him -- he's deaf, so he doesn't mind -- but not even that gets rid of it all.)

With Flannery, I'll notice when she's shedding more in the fall or spring, changing her coat out for winter or summer.  Toivo, though...man.  He's just a puffball every day of the year.  Just another of his many peculiarities that make him endearing and a little bit gross.

I broke down and gave him a brushing last week. 

July 19.

It's like he shed an extra cat's worth of hair.  Unreal.  And I could've kept brushing, too -- he still had hair readily coming off.  Unfortunately, by that point (which was all of five minutes, tops) he'd descended into a hissing, yowling fit and it was getting too hard to pin the little hellbeast in place.

In the meantime, at least the fine people at 3M can count on a steady revenue stream from their lint roller sales division.

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